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  • Ganpati Festival in Mumbai

    After the photography workshop in North India, I witnessed the largest festival celebrated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The festival begins with the installation of huge elaborately crafted statutes of Ganesha in homes and podiums, which have been especially constructed and beautifully decorated. Artisans put months of effort into making the statues. On Ananta Chaturdasi (the last [...]

    Nikhil Chopra ‘The Drum Soloist’

    In January, I got the opportunity to photograph India’s most acclaimed performance artist Nikhil Chopra in Mumbai during his last performance piece in character of Yog Raj Chitrakar. It was a fascinating experience walking the streets of Mumbai, venturing through new parts along with a character as serene yet enchanting as Nikhil Chopra aka Yog [...]

    Photography in TIME Magazine

    An article released in this March’s issue of TIME Magazine, with a write-up on my cousin’s new gallery space in Mumbai titled Volte. Chosen for the piece is one of the photographs that I took of the gallery. Coincidentally the article adjacent to thehappens to be written by my friend Tim Kindseth, a beautiful piece [...]

    My photography at ‘Rang Mahal’

    I am happy to announce that my photography has just been placed on display at Rang Mahal, a new Indian restaurant opened last month in Singapore. The photograph fits well into the theme of Indian celebration, in their private dining room which has suspended sitars and a wonderful long dining hall. My photography is also [...]

    Video Work 'Silent Beats'

    Last year, I directed a small short film of dancer Indrani Datta – and her exceptional dance, and beautiful mesmerising eyes. Here is the video titled, Silent Beats in which the viewer is asked to follow the beats and imagine the music through her movements. Thank you to Indrani Datta and to Noi Kuan for [...]

    'The Art of Seeing' Workshop

    I am proud to announce my first workshop taking place at the Nehru Centre at the end of October 2009. The workshop titled ‘The Art of Seeing‘ will encourage participants to broaden their viewscape, and try to see things from a fresh perspective.  I am pleased to announce the first of my guest speakers, Danfung [...]


    I am proud to announce my cousin is opening a gallery/art space in Mumbai under the name of Volte.
    Volte exists to provide a platform for non traditional art and culture in Mumbai. We see ourselves as a node, a gathering point to promote ideas and conversations between artists, technologists, activists, writers, intellectuals and the community [...]

    Prix Pictet – Shortlist 2009

    Stunning series of work by Munem Wasif, on winning the Prix Pictet prize for photographic work on sustainability.
    Titled: Water Tragedy: Climate Refugee of Bangladesh. This series,  and the show from Paris will be on display here in London at Purdy Hicks gallery in October. The images are extremely powerful in their own right, are beautifully [...]

    Iranian Art – Heating up this summer

    “Iran Inside Out,” at the Chelsea Art Museum (556 West 22nd Street, Chelsea, 212-255-0719, through Sept. 5
    The image above is from the third Iranian art exhibition I have read about in the span of a week.  Last week also debuted two Iranian shows, back to back: The first being ‘Made in Iran‘ co-organised by [...]

    Making Waves : Nikhil Chopra and Shezad Dawood


    Considering the amount of art on offer at the Biennale, In-finitum which took place at the Palazzo Fortuny was exceptional. For me. Imagine if we took a century worth of ideas and expressions of thought, all emerging from the same root – the desire to find out what lies beyond time, space, matter and energy [...]

    Akbar Padamsee

    The use of ‘pure line’ to delineate contours -
    The art of drawing – is an act of demarcation, when and where a space-time continuum splits white from white, celebrating union and division. The aesthetic judgement does not discriminate between joy and anguish, between pleasure and pain, both are areas of experience. The artist stops watching [...]

    Deutsche Borse Photography Prize

    I have to say that this year, I was rather disappointed with the Deutsche Borse Prize final selection. Being one of the most prestigious prizes in photography, to me only one of the photographers presented left me with the feeling that the body work encompassed both visual beauty as well as being educational, which is [...]

    Flyer for my Indian Art Forum group show

    The international exhibition “Indian Art Forum” shows current positions of young second generation Asians, living in Germany, Great Britain, Egypt, Austria and the USA. They grew up with the rich background of both cultures, now using their creative potential in various artistic fields.
    In 2006 Indian Vibes presented digital art created by [...]

    German Artsite TV displays my work

    Click here to view a commentary about the show in Frankfurt and a close-up on my work

    Idris Khan – Lying in Wait 2009

    I have long been a fan of Idris Khan, and this exhibition which took place recently as part of ‘The Collection’ at Victoria Miro Gallery, was my first encounter with the artist’s use of film, otherwise well-known for his photography. The three screen installation, is a record of the same contemporary dance performed in a [...]

    Musicians Village

    Rajasthan to me, is a musical delight. Music, and that too heartfelt and powerful, resonates in almost every region. Some seem to be deeply religious, some performance related, and others for the pure purpose of entertaining. There seems to be an inherent connection to music, with the people of Rajasthan; in their blood and in [...]

    Dayanita Singh – The Blue Book

    Whilst in India, I visited Dayanita Singh’s new exhibition titled the ‘Blue Book’.  The photographs to me represented a silent beauty. Considering that so much of her previous work, has been of people, characters and families, this lacked the presence of those very people and thus in turn to me became silent. I did not [...]

    Kevin Bubriski

    Kevin Bubriski’s work seems in some form to resonate with my own – it has often been described as portraying a sense of ‘dignity’ in the portraits of people whom he chooses to depict. Using large format, and in black and white he photographs people in their most natural of states, although distanced from the [...]